MineFleetLiteTM: Frequently Asked Questions


1.      What is MineFleetLiteTM?

MineFleetLiteTM is a smartphone-only solution for fleet telematics. It makes use of the sensors (for example, GPS, accelerometer, magnetometer) of your smartphone and offers a powerful telematics solution for monitoring the vehicles in your fleet in a completely automated manner. You can track vehicles, detect driving events, create location-based zone alerts, log trips, score drivers, get vehicle maintenance reminders, get recall notifications, create reward program and do many more things with MineFleetLite™. You can use the free app to collect and view data for one vehicle. You can use the Fleet Manger Web Portal to view data from all vehicles in your fleet for a small fee. Just download the app first free of cost and check it out. If you don’t need the Fleet Manager Web Portal, you are still most welcome to continue using the app

2.      What are some of the key features that MineFleetLiteTM offers?

a.       No extra device necessary: All you need is a smartphone and the app.

b.      Automated Trip Logging: MineFleetLiteTM  automatically keeps track of all your trips. After installing and logging in for the first time, you don’t need to do a thing.

c.       Zone Alerts: Set up geographical zones for you and your drivers* so that you can receive alerts when a driver has arrived at their destination.

d.      Driving Event Detection: MineFleetLiteTM will detect driving events such as harsh braking, speeding, rapid acceleration, or high-G events.

e.       Maintenance Reminders and Recalls: You can enter your vehicle information and we will remind you when it is time to take your vehicle in for maintenance or if there is a recall for your vehicle.

f.       Fleet Management: You can use MineFleetLiteTM to manage and view all of your drivers by signing up for the Fleet Manager Web Portal at https://minefleetlite.com

* Alerts for other drivers only available through the Fleet Manager Web Portal.

3.      How can I use MineFleetLiteTM to track my drivers?

a.       Sign up for the Fleet Manager Web Portal here. By signing up, you will receive an Organization ID that you will need to share with your drivers.

b.      Instruct your drivers to download the MineFleetLite™ app in their respective phones; register for an account with the MineFleetLiteTM app – available for both Android and iPhone.

c.       Have each of your drivers enter your Organization ID into their MineFleetLite™ app. There are two ways to do that:

                                                              i.      If a driver has not yet signed up for an account, he or she can enter your Organization ID during the registration process

                                                            ii.      If a driver already has an account, he or she can enter your Organization ID by visiting the Settings page in the app available from the menu button in the app.

d.      Make sure your drivers sign into the app at least once, and the app will begin tracking their trips. If they reboot the phone, they need to sign in again.

e.       View and manage all of your drivers by using through the Fleet Manager Web Portal.


4.      Do I have to pay to use MineFleetLiteTM?

The MineFleetLiteTM app is free to use. You just pay for the Fleet Manager Web Portal.

5.      What is the Fleet Manager Web Portal?

MineFleetLite™ solution is designed for commercial fleet owners and fleet managers who want to know the status of their fleet as the vehicles move from one location to another. The Fleet Manager Web Portal offers a web-based account that provides dash boards, vehicle tracking information, trip data, driver behavior data, vehicle maintenance reminders, recall notices, and many other actionable information. If your fleet drivers have an Android or iPhone, then all you need to do is to have the drivers download the MineFleetLite™ app and install it in their phones. Once your drivers have been enrolled in MineFleetLite™ and entered your Organization ID in their app’s Settings page, driving data from their phones will automatically show up in your account. If your divers don’t use a smartphone, you can always utilize any of our other in-vehicle telematics device based product such as MineFleet OBD-II.

6.      My phone’s battery seems to be draining more quickly when I drive. Is there anything I can do?

The MineFleetLiteTM app uses minimal power consumption by putting the app to “sleep” when the phone is not moving. When the app detects vehicle movement, it will wake up and use the phone’s GPS location to track the vehicle. The app provides high accuracy trip detection and will consume battery when the vehicle is in motion. We recommend keeping the phone plugged in during trips.

7.      Questions?

Email us with any questions you might have to minefleetlite@agnik.com